"Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Let Medicine Be Thy Food”

by Hippocrates

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Our mission and philosophy

Our mission and philosophy are to search and bring Greek and other Mediterranean top quality, healthy, and sustainable products to USA. “MedSea Imports” is all about Good Health! To paraphrase Hippocrates: “Let your food be your Medicine and let your
Medicine be your food”. This is as important today as it was in ancient times. As native-born Greeks, we agree. Any good meal starts with good ingredients. Today, Greek food and, in general, Mediterranean cuisine is recognized and valued worldwide for its many health benefits. It is the Mediterranean sun and soil that do most of the work. Greece takes “Healthy Diet” and “Lifestyle” very seriously, as it is recognized for their good health and longevity (Ikaria Island etc.) as being part of the five “Blue Zones” in the world.

In the last 20 years, Greek Restaurants small and large specializing in Mediterranean cuisine growing into thousands, coast to coast and multiplying like rabbits in the US. Some of the most popular dishes served there are, Dolmades, Greek Salad, Greek Feta cheese, Greek Tea, Greek Yogurt, Greek Honey, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Olives, Greek Oregano, and many more. The Mediterranean Cuisine was and is, all about more Veggies, more Fish, and less Meat. Our Wine selection and Mastic liqueur reflect this philosophy. Ancient grape varieties, with thousands of years’ of experience in wine making and the unique microclimate conditions of the Mediterranean region contribute to our exceptional products.

To Your Health! “Medsea”! OPA!