Ariousios - Chios Vita Dry Red Wine

Ariousios – Chios Vita

Dry Red Wine

These rare varieties give a completely velvety and soft texture to this wine. Its colour is bright red and the flavour of the wild herbs of our region.

Varieties: Agiannitis and Avgoustiatis. Rare red Aegean varieties of limited cultivation by a few wine producers, but with impressive high quality results.

Altitude: From 250 to 350 meters

Harvest: From August 20 to 30

Yield per 1000 sq.m.: Up to 800 kg

Vinification: The fermentation is done in tanks by by the method of cold extraction.

Aging: It matures and “softens” in oak barrels in the natural wet and cold cellar of Ariousios Winery, and continues to age in the bottle until its opened.

Matching foods: Red meat, hunting, but also pasta and yellow cheeses are an excellent choice for pairing with the taste of Chios Vita.

Preservation: Keeping in a shady and cool place until the bottle is opened, protects it and allows it to emerge as the years go by. It is better to let it rest for a while and then serve it.

Content: 750ml

Alcohol: 13% vol


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