Ariousios - Ariousia Glikazon Semi-Sweet Red Wine

Ariousios – Ariousia Glikazon

Semi-Sweet Red Wine

The combination of the sunshine and the breeze of the Aegean Sea give excellent results, as the grapes are spread to dry under the sun. Red color with brick reflections, aromas of dried fig and plum, raisin and vanilla, rich mouth with beautiful balance between sweet and acidity and a long aftertaste.

Varieties: This semi-sweet wine is produced from the local variety Chiotiko krassero, grown on the slopes of the Amani Mountains at the NW part of Chios Island.

Altitude: From 250 to 350 meters

Harvest: Chiotiko krassero from 20 to 30 September

Yield per 1000 sq.m.: Up to 800 kg

Winemaking: Keeping the tradition of the famous «Kourouniotiκο wine», excellent quality grapes are spread in sunlight, so as to achieve a natural sweetener. It is fermented at a controlled low temperature.

Aging: The maturation in oak barrels in the cellar of Ariousios, in natural wet and cold environment, enables this special sweet wine to be aged in the bottle for several years.

Matching foods: While on the island is quite customary to accompany meals, because it is our traditional wine, this is a wine that can be served as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to desserts (especially chocolate desserts). However, diners who have tried it, recommend it to accompany meat or poultry with red sauces (e.g. stew, rooster cooked in wine) and even a plate with ripe yellow cheeses and meats.

Preservation: Ariousios Glikazon is a wine maturing and ripping more while left in the bottle in a cool and shady environment. It reveals rich aromas when served cool and not cold.

Content: 750ml

Alcohol: 13% vol


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